Frequently asked questions

Are kids invited?

We love your kids—we really do. But we want our wedding to be your night off! So please find a babysitter so this can be your date night!

Is there a shuttle to and from the hotel to the ceremony?

Yes, check out our Travel & Accommodations page for all the info you need.

Can I bring a date?

Unfortunately, our cap for the venue is 200 guests (including the wedding party). If your invitation says “and Guest,” then yes, if not, we would prefer if it was just you.

What’s the dress code?

Semi-formal, please. But we want you to feel comfortable, so if those shoes are too high or that top button is too tight, let it all hang loose.

Dave Place &

Jessy Karelas

Searles Castle

Windham, NH


October 6th, 2019

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