Wedding Party

Want to meet the crew?


Best friend of the groom since 5th grade, the duo is as iconic as Batman and Robin, or Captain and Tennille. Jake loves music, eating clean, the galaxy and being stylish! 

Best Man / The Vegan 


Josh is Dave's older (and wiser) brother. He resides in New Hampshire with his cat, Deva. He likes tacos, guns, computers, and conspiracies. 

Brother of the Groom


The groom and Justin (Chappy) Chapman have explored countries together as well as the open road! Justin is an amazing musician, the king of photobombs and a sloth connoisseur. 

The Human Sloth


Dwayne and the groom have a lot in common, other than their looks. They both have toured the country playing music, gained their MBA, lost a parent at the age of 23, and got married at 30. They are the same person 11 years apart.

The Coach


Luke is Cape Cod’s cat dad. He lives by the light of the sun and loves by the sand. Luke and the groom began their friendship senior year of high-school and later became roommates and frenemies. Who remembers all of those Sandwich house parties?

The Roommate


Mark is not only a groomsman but one of our photographers (so make sure you smile in his direction)! He’s just too talented to not ask him to suit up with a camera in hand. Mark check out some of Mark's photos on Instagram @mraksnaps. 

The Artist


Al has been a frientor (friend mentor) to the groom since 2003. He is a product of Canada and the Coast Guard. Al is a premier dad/husband/musician/wookie. 

The Canadian



Big sister to the bride and forever built-in best friend. Stacey has always been a role model to Jessy ever since teaching her all about makeup, hair and the importance of a good outfit when they were kids. Stacey loves baking, stamping her passport and all things yoga! 

Maid of Honor / Sister of the Bride


Have you ever met someone infatuated with Jeff Goldblum? Well, you're gonna! Becca, one of Jessy's best friends met over tacos and margs in the city nearly 5 years ago and they never looked back! Becca loves Nutella, the 90s and Jeff (of course). 

The Comic Relief


A real life Disney Princess that has left her castle to hail from the city of Boston. Leanne loves fashion, her sweet nephews and any excuse for a photoshoot. 

The Princess


Future sister-in-law to the bride! and Hawaii local. Beth and Jessy first met at Dino’s on Cape Cod when she was home visiting and they’ve been friends ever since! Beth lights up a room with her laugh and easy-going Hawaiian style attitude. 

Sister of the Groom


Best friend to the bride! Some would say she’s the Julian Edelman to her Tom Brady. Melissa is an incredible cook, loves football Sunday’s and always ready to purchase a flight for the next adventure! 

The Julian Edelman


Savannah and the bride had a blossoming  friendship ever since they were classmates in AP art (so artsy)! Countless proms, parties and laughs. Savanah loves hiking, jetting off to other countries and exploring what other cultures have to offer. 

The Jetsetter


Our Officiant 

Jim Trick- the man, the myth and the legend. Jim is not just any ol' officiant, he's a dear friend of the bride and groom. Jim first met Jessy and proceeded to call her Jessy Place  for 5 years (it's like he knew!) So it's only fitting that he is the one to help them tie the knot. Jim is a life coach, speaker, author, musician and practical joker We love him and we know you will too. 

The Wizard


Our MC 

Just when you thought the fun was over. Oh no, it's just beginning...

Brant is a frontman and author. He has a heart of gold and a smile that could melt the hardest of hearts. 

The Bad-Boy


The Band

Singer-songwriter brothers from Florida. They're young, vibrant, they have beards, their songs are great, and their voices are purer than a nunnery. We are so excited to have them as both guests and performers at our wedding. You're going to love them too. Here is a link (below) to their amazing songs. Learn them. Love them. 


The Twins


Our Photographers 

Dan is the Leonardo DiCaprio of photographers. His photos and videos are movie magic! Jessy and Dan met several years ago back when Dan would tour as a photographer with his friends in the band, Boys Like Girls! Nowadays, he shoots pro videos on the reg, but we got him to pencil in October 6th for us.

The Magic Maker 


Not to be confused with Mark Loper, the Groomsman. This is Mrak. He is a hilarious and, and the creator behind the infamous Instagram handle, @mraksnaps! Aside from his humor he is incredibly talented. His work is so stunning and we love it so much that he has to work part of our wedding.

Mrak Snaps


Riany is as beautiful as the moments and memories she captures! Jessy actually works with Riany on a regular basis and the two have been a dynamic content creating duo for months now. Dave knew how much Jessy loved Riany's work so he surprised Jessy with having her join the photo crew. Someone is on his way to being the perfect #InstagramHusband. 

Brazil's National Treasure


Sara is an American girl who has been living life out in London. She was the photographer behind Jessy and Dave's surprise proposal pictures! Not only is she a dear friend but her photography is BEAUTIFUL.. You can find Sara at a concert in the city and a camera in her hand. 

The American-Brit


Dave Place &

Jessy Karelas

Searles Castle

Windham, NH


October 6th, 2019

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